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Canadian Army Medical Corps

WWI Canadian Army Medical Corps
Casualty Clearing Station No. 3

As a group of historical reenactors we seek to accurately portray a First World War Canadian Casualty Clearing Station. Our unit consists of individuals committed to a high standard of authenticity.

We are affiliated with the Canadian Military Heritage Society and also have membership in The Great War Association.

There is a 100 acre parcel of land set aside near Newville Pennsylvania which has established front line opposing trenches. No Man's Land features shell holes and craters with barbed wire and other obstacles strewn about. The landscape is reminiscent of 1917 - 1918 and this is where we reenact The Great War.

Canadian Nursing Sisters were not nuns. They were trained professional nurses and Commissioned Officers in the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

Medical Officers, Dentists, Medical Orderlies, Stretcher Bearers, and Chaplains rounded out the medical staffing roster of a Casualty Clearing Station.

There was also always on hand a corps of labourers in the form of VD convalescents. These men had contracted venereal disease but were deemed fit for duty at the Casualty Clearing Stations in a variety of support roles. It was this body of men who loaded and unloaded the wagons and light rail cars and who set up and dismantled these mobile field hospitals. Among other things they also dug latrines and ensured adequate drainage on site.

Unit Contact:
Susan Spencer


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