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6th Buffs

372é R.I.U.S., 157é D.I.
(372nd Infantry, 93rd Division, A.E.F. Colored
372nd RIUS 157th [The RedHand])

The 93rd Division was comprised of four infantry regiments, including the 372nd Colored Infantry Regiment, staffed by 900 men from the 9th Separate Colored Infantry Battalion of the Ohio National Guard. 9th Battalion units from Springfield, Ohio made up the 372nd’s Company E. In 1918, United States military commanders refused to let black and white Americans fight side by side, but French leaders had no such objection. So when the 372nd Infantry Regiment arrived in France they were immediately assigned to the 157th Infantry of the French Army—the renowned Red Hand Division—to help fight in the famous Meuse-Argonne offensive.

No other regiment of the 93rd Division made a more gallant record than the 372nd regiment. Throughout its service in France it was a part of the famous French 157th Division known as the "Red Hand" division, under the command of General Goybet. It was this division which first opposed the Huns at the Marne in 1914. To brigade the Negro soldiers with such famous veterans was a rare mark of distinction and placed the black men on their mettle at all times.

Unit Commader/Contact:
Rick Ford
Phone: (618) 741-9251

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