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Braunschweigisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 92

I.R. 92 is one of the the older and largest German units of the GWA. The unit was formed to recreate a specific unit, one from the state of Braunschweig with a long history dating back to Napoleonic times. We portray the Imperial German Infantry Regiment Nr. 92 from Brunswick, Germany, a storied unit from the Great War. We have an infantry company, machine-gun company and minenwerfer company, and we place major emphasis on building and recreating trenches and bunkers. Membership is based in the Virginia-Maryland-Pennsylvania area and we have members from New England to the Midwest. IR92 members do living histories and the unit participates in reenactments at the GWA site in Newville, PA.

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For more information please contact:

Unit President:
"Scampi" Galleher
Phone: (703) 754-4974

Unit Treasurer:
Rick Deloney "Sticks"
Phone: (540) 271-3025

Unit Secretary:
George Walters "Ranger"
Phone: (410) 426-2724

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