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Graf Gessler (Rheinisches) Nr. 8

Wlcome the Kürassier-Regiment Graf Gessler (Rheinisches) Nr. 8 page!

The 8th Kürassier-Regiment was not a front-line infantry unit; although its men and officers certainly saw front-line service, the eight Prussian Kürassier regiments were heavy cavalry units; whose duties changed substantially as the war progressed.

These duties included: front-line service, signals work, and guarding prisoners and military points, as an Imperial German cavalry unit the regiment’s rolls contained many elite members. In addition to these duties, during the Fall Events our members assist with the pilots of the Great War Aeroplanes Association (GWAA).

To achieve the goals of recreating the 8. Kürassier as accurately as possible, the unit:

Emphasizes living history: A historical “persona” is created and used as a basis for first person portrayal so that you “become” a person of the era of the Great War.

Has developed a “Kulturabend” or Cultural Evening approach that is held at each reenactment. These are focused around a particular them to enhance authenticity and boost members’ knowledge of the life of a German soldier during the Great War.

Has used these themes at past events: Christmas 1917, a period games night, a period theater night, and a magic lantern show of postcard views of Germany from 1900 – 1917.

In addition to participating in the Great War Association’s reenactments, the regiment undertakes numerous other activities designed to enhance authenticity and boost members’ knowledge of the life of a German soldiers. These activities have included: participation in living history timelines, tours of the Western Front and Germany, and archival research.


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