GWA German Troops

Füsilier-Regiment Generalfeldmarshall
Prinz Albrecht von Preußen
(Hanoversches) Nr. 73

F.R. 73 is a unit dedicated to the recreation of Hanoverians in the service of the Prussian crown and the Greater German Empire.

We as a unit find that camaraderie grows out of the time spent both in and out of the field with one another; fostering a greater sense of what the average soldier might have experienced as well as striving to create a greater sense of community in the hobby at large.

Our unit tends to focus itself on the tactical aspects of the reenactment , whilst trying to maintain the utmost standards of authenticity. In a late war timeline the compagnie adopts a stosstrp. impression as this is what its original counterpart was.

To find out more about us or the unit we recreate, please feel free to contact a member or simply walk down and introduce yourself.

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Unit Commader/Contact:
Frederick Diehl

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