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5th Marine Regiment, 67th CO., 2nd Division

5th Marine Regiment
67th Company
2nd Division, A.E.F.

Welcome aboard the 67th Company GWA Page and thank you for your interest in our unit.

The 67th Company / 5th Marines is a historically-correct group of living historians within the Great War Association who actively seek to portray and recreate a rifle company of the brigade of U.S. Marines which served with the American Expeditionary Force in France during World War I.

Although largely forgotten by most Americans today, World War I was an extremely important event in our nation’s history. At the time of the Armistice in November 1918, the United States had fully emerged from its period of post-Civil War growth and taken its place on the international stage as a bona fide world power. Although America’s involvement in the war was relatively brief (18 months), our military and material contribution to the Allied cause was enormous and helped bring an early end to a war which many European observers had predicted would drag on into the 1920s.

Of the two million American servicemen sent to France, only 11,000 were U.S. Marines assigned to combat regiments (the 5th and 6th Regiments of Marines). Too few in number to form a Marine division and initially unwanted by high-ranking Army officers, these two regiments of sea soldiers eventually found a home in the U.S. 2nd Division (“Indianhead”) and became a vital force in making the 2nd Division “second to none” and arguably the finest U.S. division in France. Whether it was dropping enemy soldiers with rifle fire at distances of 800 yards or charging headlong into German machine gun nests with grenades and bayonets, the Marine Brigade quickly gained international recognition and brought to the division a professional élan, esprit de corps, and aggressive spirit which earned the 2nd Division the nickname “the racehorse division.” AEF commander General John J. Pershing referred to the Marines as “the finest troops in France.”

The goal of the 67th Company is to keep alive the memory and spirit of the 4th Brigade of Marines (2nd Division). We are proud of our country’s history and we honor the U.S. Marine Corps and “its steadfast defense of all that we hold dear.” While striving to maintain high standards of uniform and equipment authenticity, we place an equal focus on combat and camaraderie. We are always available to answer any questions and to assist members in any way possible.

See our contact information below if you
are interested in joining the 67th Company (or just want to contact us):

Unit Commander/Contact:

Kurt Johnson

Phone: (678) 232-4956


The 67th Company has a loaner uniform available by prearrangement for the spring
and fall Newville events for interested potential new members.

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