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5 Sturm

5. Sturm-Pionier-Bataillon "Rohr"

ln 1979 Sturm Battailon Rohr Nr.5 was founded as the second German unit in the newly created Great War Association.

World War One was a war of tremendous changes in uniforms, weapons, equipment and tactics and going from antiquated 19th warfare to tactics that are in many eases still employed today. One unit specifically employed to pioneer these new tactics was Sturm Battailon Rohr. Hauptmann Willi Rohr headed a newly formed unit called "Sturm Truppen" - assualt troops. These troops were young, fit and motivated soldiers selected to become the assault troops that would break through enemy lines, by-pass areas of resistance and continue to press forward during offensives. These soldiers were primiarly selected from Pionier (Engineer) units and augmented with additional infantry and artillery units, of which the first such unit in the German Army was Sturm Battailon Rohr Nr. 5. Sturm Batt. Rohr Nr.5 was attached to the Fifth Army under the command of Crown Prince Wilhelm, the son of the Kaiser.

Sturm Battailon Rohr was first employed in the Battle of Verdun and later due to its nigh success rate, were relegated in many eases to act as a training unit for many newly forming German Storm Units. The evolution of these new assault tactics, specialized re-quipment and weapons, further defined the transformation of the new German soldier in 1917-18. Sturm Batt. Rohr Nr.5 was the first unit to receive the

German helmet in February 1916. A number of changes in the standard uniform and equipment became easily identified with the Storm Trooper. A 98a carbine replace the longer Gewehr 98 rifle. Equipment was modified and simplified. Bandoleers, grenade bags, Stürmgepäcks and long handle shovels became commonplace. Continuous training was key to maintaining the Elite status that Storm Troops took on.


Unit Commader/Contact:

Jim Michaud
Home: (516) 678-5156

Second Contact:

Tom Tunstall
Home: (516) 521-9685

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