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3e régiment mixte de zouaves et tirailleurs

3e régiment mixte de zouaves et tirailleurs

The 3e régiment mixte de zouaves et tirailleurs (or 3rd regiment of Zouaves and skirmishers mixed, RMZT) is an American living-history organization dedicated to perpetuating the memory of the millions of French soldiers which fought during the Great War (1914-1918). Our impression is that of a mixed Zouave and Tirailleur regiment. These mixed regiments consisted of French citizens from Algeria and mainland France. Originally designated as troops for the African continent, they were quickly mobilized to the Western Front as the war effort grew. The regiment that we portray was a front-line unit that served throughout the war with distinction.

The reformed 3e RMZT is a member of the Bataillon Français and part of the Great War Association (GWA). Our mission is to honor the brave men who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect their families, land, and country. We strive to accurately portray these heroes by using well researched and authentic uniforms, equipment, and mannerisms.


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