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2./ Badisches Pionier-Bataillon 14 (2./Pi.Btl. 14)

Willkommen! We are living historians that portray the recreated 2. Kompagnie Badisches Pionier-Bataillon Nr.14 from the Grand Duchy of Baden (Das Großherzogtum Baden). Our impressions are focused on the latter half of the First World War from the years 1917 through 1918 as Stoßtruppen or pionier (pioneer) shock troops as utilized in the latter part of the war. Our unit is made up of people mainly from the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern and Mid-West areas of the United States. We are also full members of the Great War Association and adhere to their policies and guidelines. Since we portray a late-war Pionier Kompagnie we are an active group that is seeking motivated new members that are looking for a unit with high authenticity standards and a physical and energetic impression. The unit is lead by Chris Snyder who has been in involved with the WWI and WWII German reenacting community for about 14 years. The unit second in command is Josh Snyder (no relation), he has been reenacting over 7 years and is also the unit commander for F Co . 2Bn 442Rct, a US WWII living history and reenacting organization. If you are interested in joining our unit please send us an email at the address provided below or contact us through Facebook at

Again this is an energetic impression that will involve trench raids, wire parties and trench fortification all while keeping authenticity in mind. Our primary mission is to promote education about The Great War as well as good kameradschaft (camaraderie) among our members and not forgetting to have fun in the process!

2. Kompagnie Pionier Bataillon Nr. 14 is open to all males 18 years of age and up that are in good physical condition, that can legally possess a firearm and have a clean criminal history with no felony convictions or history of serious mental illness. No beards or excessive facial hair will be allowed at our events, we portray late war only.

Correct period glasses or contact lenses are to be worn at all times while in uniform at the events we attend.

All members must follow the unit approved equipment and uniform and authenticity guidelines.

There is a 12 month probationary period for all new members. Once you have been accepted as a new unit member you will be invited to our closed group on Facebook. We can be contacted at or directly through Facebook with the link above.

Unit Commander and Recruiting contact: Chris Snyder

Phone: (540) 748-9896

On the web:

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